Dry Mango

Dry Mango

Dried mango is a type of dried fruit. Dried fruit nutrition can be beneficial, and desiccated fruit is viewed as a healthy snacking option. It's certainly better than junk food or sweet candy.

However, you should still exercise moderation while consuming dried fruit, since it has more calories and sugar than fresh fruit, according to the Harvard Medical School. Dried fruit doesn't have any of the water that normal fruit has, which means it will be a lot less filling than normal fruit. That means you're more prone to overeating when snacking on dried fruit than when you're eating fresh fruit.

Eating dried mangoes naturally prevents symptoms associated with vitamin C deficiency such as rashes, bleeding gums, and the disease called scurvy. While dried mangoes make for a delicious snack and are rich in nutrients, the fact remains that they are packed with sugar and calories.

Origin: Burkina Faso

Packaging: Cartoon (15 Kgs) or Plastic Bags, as per customer requirement

Shipment: Refrigerated CNT, 10-12 Tons Per 40ft Container

    Varities Offered and Season:
  • LIPENS (April)
  • KENT (May & June)
  • BROOKS (June & July)

Types: Slices or Cubes

Shelf life: 18 Months

Moisture: 10 and 18%

General Season: April Till July

Reason to buy from us: Working with a factory that empowers women, 90% of employees female. No Additives, + Biological Certificate