Why Trust in Us

Sai Commodities, is a UK based company that has over 30 years’ experience exporting high quality Agricultural Products to customers globally and importing consumer products to Cote D’Ivoire. Over the three decades we have established long-term relationships with suppliers, whom have strong relationships with local farmers, ensuring we deliver high quality goods at the best price.

Why trust in us, we go the extra mile, our supervisor is based at source to monitor the quality during the entire procurement and shipment process. All precautions are taken to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Depth of Knowledge, High Ethical Working Practices, Honesty, Passion and Drive to supply High Quality Agro Products from source.

We take immense pride in being the Exclusive Suppliers of high quality FMCG brands of: Beverages, Rice, Biscuits, Cooking Oil and Canned Vegetables to a highly regarded local exclusive distributor in Cote D’Ivoire.

Our Promise

Sai Commodities promise to provide you with high quality products, service and on time delivery. Our Global Presence and Local Expertise ensure a seamless purchasing experience of high quality agricultural products.

Adding Value to the Supply Chain

While being based locally, our quality control inspector oversees the training of local farmers by our trusted suppliers.Training is carried out on the best farming techniques to enable the products to be farmed and procured at the highest standards.

From Farm to Satisfied Customer

Being present every step of the way, we are able to ensure traceability and reliability. High quality products are procured for our long standing customers at the best price. Our trained quality control inspector conducts inspections to confirm products are cleaned, dried, packaged and shipped to meet customer specifications.

Proud to Export Globally the following Agricultural Products

Raw Cashew Nuts

Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana and Guinea Bissau produce the best of Raw Cashew Nuts. Quality Control Inspectors over-see and ensure quality checks are carried out to the highest of standards. Our long standing relationship with our suppliers allows our checkpoints, supported by global standards, to be met.

Annatto Seeds

Procured from a beautiful looking achiote shrub, annatto seeds are multifunctional seeds with uses including: Natural Food Colouring, Dye and Flavour Enhancer. While the shrub looks tough from the outside the seeds are highly sensitive. In order to provide our customers with the highest quality seeds our supervisor oversees the indoor drying of the sensitive shrub to customer requested moisture levels.

Cashew Kernels

Our Strong Relationships with all major processors across South-East Asia, Asia and South America, guarantee the best quality product is delivered to you at a competitive, standardised price.Regardless of price fluctuations, Sai Commodities guarantees on time delivery at the agreed price.

Bird Eye Chilies

Considered to have one of the highest pungency levels of any chilli in the world, we selectively source Bird Eye Chillies from Uganda during the prime seasons: November-February, June-August. Our specifications included: 1-3 cm in Length, Bright Red Colour, 171,000 n Scoville. In a 20 Foot Container we carefully packaged 200 Jute Bags of 35kgs each delivering to you a total of 7000kg of these premium chillies. We are also able to provide our customers with Premium or Average grade chillies,and powdered chillies.

Indian Chillies

We are able to provide two types of Indian Chillies: Teja and SANAM/S4.

Teja, delivered whole with stem or whole without stem with a colour value of: 75-85 ASTA, heat value of: 70000-110000 SHU, Packaging as per customer request, approximately 14MT loaded into a 40 foot container.

SANAM/S4 (334), delivered whole with stem or whole without stem with a colour value of: 40-50 ASTA, heat value of: 18000-22000 SHU, Packaging as per customer request, approximately 14MT loaded into a 40 foot container.

Black Pepper

Cultivated as a fruit, Black Pepper is dried in order to be used as a spice for seasoning. The finest quality Black Pepper is sourced from India, Vietnam and Brazil to ensure that the seasoning of your food is never compromised.


The finest quality cloves selectively sourced from Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Traditionally used as a remedy to cure aliments, cloves are widely used across eastern continents.

Turmeric Fingers

A herb known for its antiseptic properties, is widely used as a natural colorant to food. High quality Turmeric Fingers are sourced from across the Vietnam and Asian (India and Vietnam) Continents for our consumers. A surge in the demand for this product from health seekers globally discovering the wealth of benefits gained from its consumption.

Dry Ginger

A root plant, commonly used a spice and traditionally as a medicine. Sourced from Nigeria, Ethiopia, India and China, we take pride in providing you with the EU approved quality.

Proud to be the Exclusive Supplier of the following Products to Cote D’Ivoire


We at Sai Commodities are proud to offer a wide range of beverages to suit every budget, without compromising taste. Providing you with perfectly distilled liqueur balanced with taste, antiquity, crispness and aroma. A selectively chosen range including: Premium Gin, Whiskey, Vodka, Cody’s Energy Drinks, UB, café rum, among other beverages are available.


Our Global Presence, including our strong relationships in South East Asia, we are able to provide high quality rice at competitive prices. We supply: Parboiled Rice, Thai Home Mali, Basmati Rice, White Rice (All Grades) and Fragrant Vietnam Jasmine Rice and low glycaemic rice.

Sun Flower Oil

A non-volatile oil compressed from the seeds of the sunflower, commonly used for frying and in cosmetics as an emollient. We deliver to you from Turkey, a well-known brand, Vera. Manufactured to the highest standards we ensure pure oil, with no additives, that shall add a great flavour to your food.


We are happy to provide a wide a range of biscuits to suit all tastes, including the world famous Britannia Biscuits. Every precaution is taken to ensure that the products are delivered intact and on-time.


Shipped to you from the green fields in France, we ensure the finest quality green peas delivered in firm containers or pouches to ensure safety during transportation. The brand speaks volumes, Vernet, quality is not compromised.

Global Presence

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